The Allied States is a sovereign state on the continent of Sapphiria. It's territory spans around 441,000 square kilometres and is mostly covered in great plains. It's population is around 13 million, most of which live in it's eight cities, known as the Eight Crowns. The official language is English, with some also speaking Vuranian English and Maraudian English.

After the destruction of the Great Machine and the Third War of Sapphiria, most Human survivors travelled north along the east coast of Sapphiria. These Humans stayed to found many small settlements in the empty great plains that the Allied States now occupies. The recovery of many technologies from the ruins of the Great Machine took place as the settlements that occupied the area now known as the Allied States grew.

Today, the Allied States is a peaceful country, ruled by the Lovian Monarchy, a Human War-Family whose ancestors led Human to victory in the Sapphirian Wars.

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